Guru Nanak Dev University Teachers Association (GNDUTA)

                       Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

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Mode of working


The General Body meets at least twice in one year on the notice circulated by the secretary of the Association at least seven days before the meeting. It is also provided that the president may convene an emergency meeting of the general body whenever necessary at two days’ notice.

The Executive Committee meets at least once in a month during the working academic year on a notice served by the secretary of the Association at least four days before the meeting. Quorum for the meeting is five. Emergent meetings of the Executive Committee are called by the president at one day’s notice. The financial year of the Association is co-terminus with the term of the Executive Committee. The annual subscription by the members of the Association provides the funds for which the Treasurer maintains a record and presents it at the first meeting of the next General Body for approval.